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Glutton for punishment

I lie to myself. A lot.

After Asch, I told myself, "NEVER AGAIN!" No more armour making, because armour was HELL.

Then I cosplayed Homme Ducan. *headwall* After suffering through the jewellery, I cried out to myself, "NEVER AGAIN!"

And now I'm doing Marik. Marik, with his golden bands all over the damned place, that required me to paint and paint and paint and paint.

And I told myself, "Don't worry, how long could it take? You'll be in bed by 2am."

leXis! You lied! You lied to me!!!! DX


I'm still not entirely pleased with the arm bands, but, well, double-sided tape is every cosplayer's best friend. Besides, it wouldn't feel authentic if a cosplay didn't involve having me stay up till ungodly hours to rush a costume.



Shan't lie to myself any longer. It will happen again, probably. X_x

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